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Vancouver Sailing Club


"Thank you so much for a wonderful day of sailing. Having someone with your expertise and knowledge to teach us and guide us to "sail" was amazing. Certainly an experience of a lifetime."

Corina Scott, Langley, BC

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- Mike Thomas, Vancouver, VSC203 Day Skipper Certified, Gulf Islands Cruise & Learn

"Thanks again for 2 great days of sailing! It was so good to hone my sailing skills."
-  Alicia Lowe, Delta,  BC, NauticEd Day Skipper

".... wonderful day spent with you and your crew. Joanna and I had such a great time, it was even better than imagined, we can’t thank you enough for making it so relaxing and enjoyable. Your style is perfect for us stressed-out movie people, informative AND always entertaining to boot. And now I have bragging rights for being at the helm .... I had no idea how subtle the movement is, guiding a sailboat. But I get it now.
Your “crew” was terrific also, they obviously are as enthused as you when it comes to sailing, you have a devoted following. Great company.
So thanks again for a great experience and we hope to join you again soon with a few more unsuspecting friends.They will be as impressed as we were I’m sure.
Robin White, Sail to Bowen Island Sept 4, 2017

" I had my Day Skipper training from Carl Richardson. I have to say I had amazing time, learned so much and got much more confident in my sailing. He is excellent in every aspect of sailing, theory and practice. He is incredible as a teacher as well, very fair, helpful and patient all the way. I highly recommend Vancouver Sailing Club and Carl."

- Arda Uyral, Vancouver,  VSC203 Coastal Day Skipper, Howe Sound Cruise & Learn

"The 7 days on the ClaraALLEGRO with Carl as VSC instructor was exciting, relaxing & most of all brought me from rank uninitiated to being a confident convert to the sport. This was challenging and fun. I would not hesitate to recommend that anyone thinking of trying out sailing to take a 7 day cruise and learn at the VSC as a first time sailing experience. A vacation and a life experience rolled into one."

- Brian Nesbitt, Calgary AB, VSC204 Bareboat Cruising Master , Gulf Islands Cruise & Learn

Teaching Ability: 5 of 5,
Depth of Knowledge: 5 of 5,
Friendliness: 5 of 5,
Condition of Vessel: 5 of 5,
Professionalism: 5 of 5,
Comment: Great instruction and a very enjoyable cruise as well - Thanks Carl!

Mathieu Domanski, Montreal, Certified NauticEd Bareboat Charter Master

Teaching Ability: 5 of 5,
Depth of Knowledge: 5 of 5,
Friendliness: 5 of 5,
Condition of Vessel: 5 of 5,
Professionalism: 5 of 5,
Comment: I wouldn't hesitate to take another course with Carl. I learned a lot and also, more importantly, learned where I need to improve.

- Jake Punshon, Saskatoon, RYA Day Skipper

"Carl (VSC Instructor), it is a proud day for you as a teacher and mentor to Wim, Doug & I .  I skippered Wadadli, my Pearson 36 and we scored 3rd in first race and 1st in second race of the IYC Closer."

- Warren Palfrey, Quesnel, VSC204 Bareboat Cruising Master, VSC504 Competent Keelboat Racing Crew
"Just wanted to say thanks again for this weekend- we all had a blast and you were a great instructor!! All the guys had a great time, and are really thinking about sailing more, and going for the skipper certificate."
- Jacob C and his posse, Vancouver, VSC101 Qualified Crew

"You completely surprised and impressed my team and I. We were expecting a unique sailing experience. What you provided was a great day of sailing instruction interlaced with thoughtful analogies highlighting the similarities between sailing teams and business teams. We’re still talking (boasting) about it at the office."

-Steve Bain, Manager, Product Education and Customer Success- VSC Corporate Team Building Event

 The Symphony of Lights fireworks were absolutely first class. Thank you so much all for the lovely evening!!!
-Karime Garcia, English Bay Evening Sail

5/5 - Exceptional!

-Greta and Kristian Janak, Calgary AB, VSC203 Day Skipper Certified

Thanks again for a great weekend of Sailing and sharing your expertice. I definitely learned some new skills that will be transferable to our boat and I can't wait to start practicing."

-Dagan Lowe, VSC101 Competent Crew

"One year ago I had to start from ZERO. A few weeks ago I sailed a 36 ft sailboat from Nanaimo to Vancouver in 20 knots of wind with "my" crew and me at the helm in a completely comfortable and safe way. An unforgettable feeling and I owe it all to Carl Richardson (VSC Instructor)."

-Wim Arits, VSC204 Bareboat Cruising Master and VSC504 Competent Keelboat Racing Crew Certified

 "Thanks again for the expertise and patience you shared last week. I still have many things to learn about sailing but now I feel like I have a solid basis to build on."

- Linda Foo, Calgary, VSC203 Coastal Skipper Certified

Thanks for renewing our skills and BVI sail plan yesterday. You are a very good and patient instructor!

-Melanie Wood and the Crew of Charlie, Vancouver, VSC100 Introduction to Sailing 

"One of the best sails ever. It was great crew, great weather, great food and great skipper."

- Marc Hess, Refresher Mileage Builder , ASA104 Bareboat Charter Master, VSC504 Competent Keelboat Racing Crew, NauticEd Heavy Weather Endorsement

"Great winds, people and good times!"  5/5 NauticEd Instructor Review.

-Martin & Suzy Olivetti,  Calgary, VSC204 Bareboat Charter Master Certified

"The VSC101 program exceeded all of my expectations"- 5/5.NauticEd Instructorr Review.

-Greg Veritonis, Vancouver, VSC101  Qualified Keelboat Crew and  VSC203 Skipper Rank NauticED  Certified

"Thank you so much for this fantastic experience! I admire both your expertise and your patience with us. I look forward to an opportunity to sail with VSC again soon." 

-Nat Slepkova, North Vancouver,VSC101 Qualified Keelboat Crew NauticED Certified

Vancouver Sailing Club

 "Carl was a fantastic (VSC) instructor for the entirety of my 7 days sailing with him. He made sure to allow me to put my skills to practice with minimal intervention, unless it was required. His instructional methods are very well developed and leaves a student with a great deal of confidence. He is very approachable, and entirely professional. I would recommend Carl for anyone who is interested in learning to sail, or those who simply want to improve their skills with an experienced sailor."

-Derek Walter. Winnepeg, VSC204 Bareboat Charter Master  NauticED Certified

Vancouver Sailing Club

". . . . and thanks again for the weekend, it was a lot of fun learning how to sail!

-Francis Hugh, N. Vancouver, Qualified Crew Certified 

"Just wanted to send a quick note to update you on what's going on.  I am currently in Cabo San Lucas. We just sailed down the Baja of California over the last 2 weeks in the rally called the "Baja Haha" put on by the sailing magazine Latitude 38. Today we leave for Puerto Vallarta and then I will be continuing on down the coast on a different vessel to Panama. Just wanted to say thank you for the great sailing and lessons that made this dream a reality!!

- Alan Musson, Vancouver, ASA104 Bareboat Cruising Certification, VSC504 Competent Keelboat Racing Crew

 "It was great fun for all of us to have experienced sailing on ClaraALLEGRO. Although the sailing component was a great learning experience, we also learned a lot from our conversations with you. You provided a fascinating window into the world of sailing, business and life in general which greatly enhanced the experience for us. Thanks again for being a great host."

Tom Li and 7 Staff, Telus Network Operations, Burnaby

"Many thanks, it was really a fantastic introduction to sailing. You have a fantastic teaching style and we really enjoyed  everything about the VSC101. Please sign us up for the Bowen Island Day Sail and enrol us in the VSC203 (Coastal) Skipper Course."

- Andrew McNair, Vancouver,  VSC101 NauticED Qualified Keelboat Crew Certified

 "We’ve met lots of great people on VSC C&Ls sailing in Desolation Sound, Howe Sound, the Gulf Islands and the BVI with VSC and made new friends who look forward to sailing with us next time. Maybe it is a common interest and love of sailing, or the fact that we are all having a great experience- we’ve liked and got along with everyone we sailed with. That’s easy when everyone is having a great time- and I’m sure it has something to do with Carl’s great attitude, enthusiasm, the way he runs the courses and life on the boat.

I would recommend Carl and the VSC to anyone who wants to learn to sail, to improve their sailing skills with advanced courses or get into racing."

-Steve Wilson, North Vancouver, BC, Bareboat Charter Master Rank NauticED Certified, VSC504 Competent Keelboat Racing Crew

Vancouver Sailing Club

"Thank you Carl for a most awesome voyage, for sharing your knowledge with us, and for teaching us what being a Skipper is all about"

- Scott Smith, Colorado Springs, CO, Advanced Coastal Skipper Certified

"The course was amazing, so thanks for an enjoyable weekend of sailing!"

- Richard Tuttle, Vancouver,  VSC101 Qualified Keelboat Crew Certified

"It was a fantastic 'first time" sailing experience - great company of people, great food (i didn't know that sailing was a gastronomic affair), superb scenery and great sailing instruction from Carl. "

-David & Petra Sperry, London, England, VSC203 NauticED Skipper Rank, VSC204 Bareboat Charter Master Rank,  VSC501 Spinnaker Endorsement , Mediterranean Anchoring Endorsement

Vancouver Sailing Club

"What started out as a basic learn to sail keelboat course has turned into a tremendous student/mentor relationship. I'm hesitant to recommend Carl's vast knowledge of sailing because I'd like to keep it all to myself, but that's not in the spirit of sailing as you will learn from Carl".

- Cory Kinney, West Vancouver, VSC204 Bareboat Charter Master, Spinnaker Endorsement, Docking Endorsement

"I had a great time on the weekend and I am ready to learn more. I'd like to sign up for the VSC203 Day Skipper course on June 15........Thanks for your excellent instruction."

- Dale Trimble, Vancouver, BC, VSC101 Qualified Keelboat Crew , VSC203 Day Skipper Certified

"Thank you for a most awesome voyage, for sharing your knowledge with us, and for teaching us what being a Skipper is all about."

-Scott Smith, Colorado Springs, CO, ASA106 Advanced Coastal Cruising Certification

"It was an excellent course and boat. Thank you!"

- F. Elgezovic, Vancouver, BC, ASA103 Basic Coastal Cruising Certification

 Vancouver Sailing Club

"My best experience ever in sailing was sitting at the helm with Carl (VSC Instructor) by my side.  We were on a close reach in the early morning with 15-20 knots of wind, the two other students (now crew) were at my full disposal for sail trimming.  Carl's infinite patience and understanding allowed me to release all anxiety about the boat.  We sat and studied, tested, and observed all the aspects of sail trimming, sail twist, the effects of each and every control as applied to the jib and mainsail. Watching the shapes of the sails change and feeling the "power" differences, different degrees of heel, the actions of the crew, feeling the "groove" of the boat, the helm's "feel", the speed fluctuations on the boat.  It was a beautiful thing."

-Jeff Dull, Aerion, CO, ASA106 Advanced Coastal Cruising Certification

 "At MIT's sailing program, we use the NauticEd Skipper course to make sure everybody gets a good understanding of the fundamentals before taking practical classes. It's a great timesaver and lets the sailors learn the classroom material at their own pace."

- Keith Winstein, MIT Nautical Association 

"Sleek as ALLONS-Y is, it is not the boat; not the gorgeous waters; or that adventure that comes in hand, but that comfortable and confident attitude that comes with the skills you impart. Damn, that was fun. You will certainly see me again for the Bareboat Chartering and Advanced Coastal Cruising"

- Marc Hess, Fredericksburg, Texas, ASA104 Bareboat Cruising Certification 

Thanks for an excellent learn-to-sail weekend. For me, it was 'learn to sail in under a week' since I literally didn't know the slightest thing about sailing a vessel larger than a hobie cat before last Monday. 

- Steve Bain, Vancouver, VSC101 Qualified Crew Certified

"First of all I would like to say you guys are great- always committed to make a sailor out of me .... thanks for all your support."

- Zishan Rahman, Vancouver, BC, ASA103 Basic Cruising Certified

 Vancouver Sailing Club

"Landlubber no more! Thanks VSC."

-  George Reagh, Langley, BC, ASA Basic Keelboat Certified

Just a short note to say thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality & fabulous trip-we had such a great time & wonderful memories, bruises, pixs & laughter . . .

-  Cookie & Dudley, Fredericksburg, TX

Vancouver Sailing Club

"Fantastic weekend of sun and sailing! Great mentor."

-  Iris Lamma and Mike Rankin, Vancouver, BC, ASA106 Advanced Coastal Cruising Certification

"Just wanted to say thanks so much again for inviting me out of the club sail on Friday night.  Great boat, great people and a fabulous instructor of a skipper.  Looking forward to more of the same".

-  Cory Kinney, North Vancouver, ASA104 Bareboat Charter Certification

"I love Sailing!

Thanks VSC."

-  Scott Strochin, West Vancouver, BC, ASA103 Coast Cruising Certified

 "This was (an) awesome Cruise and Learn. I enjoyed the knowledge and wisdom that you shared and the Gulf Islands are SOOOO beautiful."

- Shannon Hattan, Houston, Texas, ASA103 Coastal Cruising certification

"Thoroughly enjoyable adventure. learning opportunity, cultural experience and exciting. It was a great trip and I enjoyed every bit of it. I intend to do the ASA 104 next year."

- Darren Reed, Seattle, ASA104 Bareboat Cruising Certification

Vancouver Sailing Club

"Thank you for your generous contribution of two Learn-to Sail courses that helped the YMCA Annual Campaign raise $2,890."

- Valerie Norman, YMCA of Greater Vancouver

"I received your package today at our hotel. The gift certificate for the wedding looks great and the sailing caps are an extra nice touch. I'm sure Tukiko and Linus are going to like it and be excited to 'cast-off' on their English Bay sail. Thanks again for all your effort getting it to me on time."

- Julie Harte, Toronto

".....what a great week we had on ALLONS-Y in the Gulf Islands! Having raced against the Beneteau First 36.7's in the Chicago Mac races I've always admired the look and the speed of Farr's design. After our charter I now know how nice the boat performs with just the two of us. It was great having a boat that sails well in light winds or when it really perks up past 15 kts. Your interior comforts were well appreciated and typical of the larger cruising Beneteaus. Having chartered with the big guys many times VSC's flexibility and thorough Check-out was really appreciated and we perceived great value overall. See you next year!"

- Wendy and Al Melville, Terra Cotta, Ontario, 

(Editors Note: Al and the crew of "Smokum Too" have won the CYC Chicago to Mackinaw International Yacht Race  5 years in a row!)

"Sailing Desolation Sound was a dream come true for us. The whales, dolphins and black bears were just icing on the cake. Thank you for teaching us how to sail, cruise and enjoy BC, We  look forward to sailing with VSC in Antigua next year."

- Tom and Wendy Kennedy, Calgary, Alberta
& Linda Ferry, Fort St. John, BC, VSC204 Bareboat Charter Master Certification

Vancouver Sailing Club

"Super charter boat and such friendly helpful people!"

- Dr. Russell Caldwell, Seattle

"We appreciated the wonderful day we had with you on Allons-y. Our friends all enjoyed being included. You are obviously a talented and entertaining skipper- and thank you for retrieving Graham's hat. Bon Voyage!"

- Sharon and Graham Leask, South Surrey, BC  

"Extremely patient and understanding. Thank you for a wonderful educational experience."

- Shabab Ali, Toronto, ASA103 Basic Coastal Cruising Certification

"Thank you so much for the excellent sailing instruction during the 103 class last week. Not only did we learn alot, but we had a great time in the process. Sailing amongst the Gulf Islands was truly memorable. We are looking forward to continuing our sailing education and hope to return to the Vancouver area to sail again in the near future. Happy Sailing. PS We're enjoying our time in Tofino- the Roy Henry Vickers Gallery was amazing."

- Pam and Bret Saathoff, Eagan, Minnesota, ASA103 Coast Cruising Certification

"Carl, just wanted to say thanks for the great time we had on the sunset sail into English Bay. We loved it."

- David and Donna Knee, Winnipeg, Manitoba 

Confident,  Responsible  and  Prepared

A   n e w   a d v e n t u r e   s t a r t s   h e r e.

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