VSC504 Practice and Race Dates 2017

Practice Schedule 2017

* More races to be listed here as dates are confirmed with Yacht Clubs

** Note- VSC 504 with Coastal Day Skipper requires that participants complete 5 Seminars and 5 Races for CERTIFICATION 

Sat Jan 14 Session A - 9am-4pm meeting HCM 

Seamanship, Crew & Boat Prep, the 7 sailing positions, MOB Recovery- fast Upwind and Downwind Sail Trim, fast Tacking & Gybing, fast Sail Changes and fast Reefing- Prep for Race on January 13


Sat Jan 21- Session B - 9am-4pm meeting HCM 

Crew & Boat Prep, Rigging for Spinnaker Asymetrical and Symetrical Spinnakers- Upwind and downwind sailtrim- Puffs, Wind Shifts, and lulls Upwind Strategy- Prep for Race on Jan 29


Sat Feb 4- Session C- 4pm meeting Port of Nanaimo Marina

Heavy Weather Safety Procedures, Personal Preparation and Sail Trim when the wind blows big- Prep for Race on Feb 12


Sat Feb 18- Session D- 9am-4pm meeting HCM 

Navigation for Racers, tide & current problem solving- Passage Island route planning for rounding- Prep for Feb 26   


Sat March 4- Session E- 9am-4pm meeting HCM 

Review of Race Strategy and Tactics- Prep for March 5


Sat March 18 Crew Certification and Celebration- 4-7pm

Mahoney's PUBLIC HOUSE, Stamps Landing


Race Schedule 2016/17

All Weekend Races 8am-3:30pm meet at HCM, Stamps Landing unless noted


Sunday Dec 18 VSC Polar Bear

Focus on Teamwork- determine race strategies- upwind Leg & windward mark rounding tactics before and after race


Sunday January 1st, 9am-2pm - New Years Race- TCYC Lemans START

Focus on FUNNNNN and Scotch Whiskeys on the DOCK- a designated driver TBA


Sunday Jan 15- VRC Polar Bear

Focus on Teamwork- Advanced Spinnaker Trim, puffs, Windshifts and lulls before and after race


Sunday Jan 29- VRC Polar Bear

Focus on Teamwork- Spinnaker Windward and Leeward takedowns, sail changes and reefing guide before and after race


Sun  Feb 12- VRC Polar Bear

Focus on Team work-  Tacking and Gybing tactics before and after race 


Sun Feb 26- VRC Polar Bear

Focus on Teamwork-  VMG, COG and SOG for racing Regattas and Distance Races


Sun March 12- VRC Polar Bear

Putting it all together our BEST performance 


Sat April 1,2- SNSYC- Sidney, Vancouver Island

Patos Island Race 2 days- 68nm


Friday April 14-16 - WVYC Southern Straits Classic- West Vancouver

105 NM Distance Race- a Pacific Northwest tradition with many international entries


Sat May 20,21  - Round Saltspring Race- SISC

- 48 mile circumnavigation with START and Lamb BBQ  in Ganges, Saltspring Island


Sat. May 27-29 - Swiftsure International Classic - 105 nm Distance Race

Victoria to Neah Bay, WA charging up the Strait of Juan de Fuca- crew qualifying race  for VanIsle 360 Race June 10-24- Victoria, Vancouver Island


Sat June 10-24 VanIsle 360

Circumnavigation of Vancouver Island on steroids- START and FINISH are Nanaimo Harbor


* More races to be listed here as dates are confirmed with Yacht Clubs

** Note- VSC 504 and Coastal Day Skipper Certification requires that participants complete 5 Seminars and 5 Races for CERTIFICATION 

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