Intermediate and Advanced Cruise & Learn- BC's Sunshine Coast and Sechelt Inlet

9 days to remember . . . .

October 15-23, 2016- Continue to develop your sailing knowledge, navigation, seamanship and boat- handling skills to the next level.

This Pacific Northwest Cruise & Learn is focused on providing the opportunity to experience heavy weather sailing conditions on an extended coastal passage:

  • Weather, current and tide analysis for passage planning
  • Log book template and logging of daily Sail Plan
  • Coastal piloting without GPS
  • Preparing the boat and crew for night sailing
  • Preparing the boat and crew for heavy weather sailing
  • heavy weather sail trim
  • Rigging Storm Sails
  • Anchoring, mooring and docking (or not) techniques for heavy weather
  • Provisioning a cruising yacht
  • Personal preparation for coastal passages

Ports-of-call include: Vancouver departure,  Port Graves Gambier Island, Smugglers Cove, Saltery Bay, Wilderness Resort (3-days Sechelt Inlet), Sechelt, Jedediah Island, Plumper Cove, Vancouver arrival

A 3-night stay at Sechelt Inlet's Wilderness Resort is included. Beautific rustic rooms,deluxe kitchen and a deep water dock provide a base for heavy weather sailing, docking practice, salmon and rock fish fishing. Preparing BBQ salmon feasts on 2 of the evenings will be our crew's goal before settling down into a comfortanble bed and evenings sleep.


BC's Strait of Georgia provides a northward route with rugged islands, challenging open water sailing, protected anchorages and salmon fishing. A very special segment of our trip will be to stay at the Wilderness Resort, Sechelt Inlet at the mouth of Narrows Inlet for 3 nights.

Beautiful rustic rooms with comfortable beds overlook the Coastal Mountains and windy channels. We will also get the opportunity to fish for salmon and rockfish with a local guides.

Our 7 or 9 day Sail Plan will include:

Howe Sound's Gambier Island and Collingwod Channel

The Sunshine Coast's Gibsons , Welome Channel, Smuggler's Cove and Malaspina Strait

Agamemnon Channel' s Saltery Bay, Skookumchuck (Sechelt) Narrows 

Sechel Inlet's Narrows Inlet and Salmon Inlet




Next Steps:

1) Read  the VSC standard Terms & Conditions

2) Select a 7 day or 9 day Cruise & Learn duration- both options are C$2275 plus GST 

3) Call our office for additional details and registration.

4) Visit our webpage- Sailing Resources 


Event Properties

Event Date October, 15 2016
Event End Date October, 23 2016
Registration Start Date September, 1 2016
Capacity 6
Cut off date September, 30 2016
Individual Price CAD2,275.00
Departure 0900hrs
Arrival 1700hrs
Granville Island Public Docks
1689 Johnston Street Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9 Canada
Granville Island Public Docks
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
CAD2,275.00 5

Location Map

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