English Bay Evening Sail- Let's Go Sailing!


Vancouver's sunsets are special and renowned for their color and picturesque setting. Join us 5:30pm on Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays to sail Vancouver's seaside including English Bay, Kitsilano, Spanish Banks, Point Grey, UBC, Bowen Island,  Stanley Park, Cypress and Grouse mountains, West Vancouver.  No sailing experience is necessary. Good mobility is required for all participants.



$89 per person plus 5% GST, INTERACT Payments, VISA and MasterCard are accepted for payment


Evening Sailings June- September dates 5:30pm - Sunset - Granville Island docks

Sail Plan:

We begin your sail by meeting at the Granville Island Market Dock on Vancouver's False Creek. Your Skipper-Instructor will welcome you aboard our sleek, comfortable, state-of-the-art 36 foot Beneteau FIRST sloop.

After a safety equipment and emergency procedures review, you are assigned a crew position that matches your experience. If this is your first time aboard a yacht your Skipper will spend the time to make you feel comfortable and safe, and only then will we cast off our dock lines and begin your sailing adventure.


As we motor past Yaletown, Granville Island Market, Vanier Park and Vancouver Maritime Museum your Skipper will demonstrate how to hoist and trim the sails. We are now sailing on the breeze over the azure seas of English Bay.

English Bay, Kitsilano, Point Grey, Stanley Park, West Vancouver's Point Atkinson Lighthouse and views of Howe Sound are our destinations for a fun afternoon or evening. If you would like too participate in sailing, try your hand at the wheel or participate in maneuvers, This is a fun sail for beginners and advanced sailors

To help you remember this adventure your Skipper for the evening will take pictures with your permission and email them to you the next day.


Question 0: How many people will we sail with on this 4 hour adventure ?

Our  two Beneteau First 36.7's ClaraALLEGRO and NorWester have a Transport Canada Capacity of 10 adults. VSC sails with 7 adults and 1 Skipper-Instructor.

Question 1 : Where do we meet ?

We meet  at the Granville Island Docks at 5:30pm - sunset.  The docks are at the back door of the Granville Island Market, 1669 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9 - call us 604 805 9944 if you have difficulty locating our boats NorWESTER or ClaraALLEGRO

Question 2 : What do we Wear ?

Make sure you are dressed for the conditions. A light waterproof coat, non-marking running, boating or cross training shoes, a hat  and SPF30+ sun block is recommended. See our RESOURCES page for additional information: http://vancouversailingclub.com/resources.html

Question 3 : Will I get sea-sick aboard?

No, if you prepare yourself. +90% of people do not suffer from this form of motion sickness. Eat normally the day before and day of sailing. Greasy foods may cause you to suffer. Our Instructors and Skippers recommend eating candied, pickled or tea ginger the evening and morning before sailing if you are inclined to suffer. It works and is natural.

Also see our article http://vancouversailingclub.com/avoiding-seasickness-aboard.html for more ideas.

Question 4 : Can I bring a meal aboard? 

Try to have a light lunch before you come aboard. Cafes and restaurants are abundant in the area where we meet. A light snack, energy bar etc. for diabetics or others  is allowed. We do provide bottle juices and filtered water aboard.

Question 4 : Where do I park ?

Granville Island has good parking on the opposite side of Johnston Rd. Park in the PUBLIC parking garages where there is more time available on meters.

Question 5 : Are children allowed?

We welcome adults and young adults over 18 years. Children are cherished and allowed only on arranged PRIVATE  English Bay Afternoon and Evening Sails. Parents are responsible for the safety of Children aboard our sailboats and yachts.

Questions 6 : What happens if the weather is bad and we are unable to leave the harbor?

Your Vancouver Sailing Club Certified Instructor/ Skipper is trained and motivated to make sailing safe and enjoyable for all participants. It is the sole responsibility of the Instructor/ Skipper to make a determination to sail, postpone sailing or re-schedule the days sailing. People from out-of-town can receive a full refund  on request.


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