C&L Corfu, Greece 2019 - Ionian Sea

2019 Dates: September 7-14, 14- 21


Greece has the reputation of being the favorite cruising grounds for sailors from all over Europe and Asia.

The Island of Corfu has an  abundance of sun, sandy beaches and the clear clean water of the Ionian Sea. It's friendly seaside villages flourish with surrounding hillside olive groves, vineyards and cafes that line their piers.

Historic cities, reknown for their strategic position and locus for ancient world trade have created a unique rich Mediterranean culture.

Corfu boasts one of the first schools of Philosophy; is the home of current literary giants and the Greek Heroes Jason, Odyssius, Hercules and Achilles.

Corfu yacht charters

Our Ionian Sea sailing adventure takes us to 7 anchorages that date from antiquity. 

 What's Included?

  • 10 days 10 nights aboard luxury 42 foot Lagoon 42S cruising catamaran 
  • seamanship, docking, anchoring and piloting review by top-ranked sailing instructor
  • mask, snorkel and fins
  • private spacious double cabin ( 2 sharing)
  • all fuel, cruising permits, local cruising taxes, damage deposit
  • Meditteranean anchoring endorsement
  • NauticEd Day Skipper, Bareboat Charter Master sailing certifications, Cruising Catamaran and Docking Endorsement
  • 3 days as MASTER (Skipper) + 3 days as  Navigator and 4 days as CREW time logged to your Log Book - 200 NM coastal passage includes one 27 nm offshore 25 nm passage


What's not included?

  • arfare and transfers to Corfu- Flights to Athens by major carriers, fly or bus to Corfu
  • medical insurance 
  • meals aboard- healthy local ingredients for breakfasts and Lunch split by crew 
  • evening meals ashore in seaside cafes and PUBs


Join the crew for: 

  • apres' sailshare 3 nights- 4 bedroom deluxe flat near ocean in Corfu
  • scuba wreck diving day
  • Greek Theater/Music evening

Day 1- Gouvia

Day 2- Kassiopi


Day 3- Paleokastrita

Day 4- Lakka and Gaios


Day 5- Plataria, Igoumenitsa and Mourtos

Day 6- Corfu, Petriti

corfu fish.jpg

Day 7- Corfu

Corfu- the city by the sea



  • Couples or 2 to share cabin $3275US or VSC Members apply 10% discount - Spacious Couples Cabin includes spring matress, towels and bedding, fan, head (toilet) and shower 
  • $ 1000US deposit, balance 45 days before cruise date
  • Medical Insurance No.- mandatory
  • Passport No. and VISA if required
  • Liability Waiver required

Instructor and Person-in-Charge

Photo of Carl Richardson

Carl Richardson, Chief Instructor, Vancouver Sailing Club
Instructor Credentials- RYA Yachtmaster Cruising Instructor, RYA Professional Practices & Responsibilities, NauticEd Captain Rank Instructor and & SLC , Industry Canada ROCM VHF Radio Instructor, ASA206 Advanced Coastal Cruising Instructor, ASA214 Cruising Catamaran Instructor
Professional Sailing Certifications- RYA Yachtmaster Offshore (MCA), NauticEd Captain Rank Level 5, ASA Advanced Coastal Cruising Cert., Marine CPR AED First Aid, CCG SVOP , TC Marine Emergencies ME3, ISAF Safety at Sea
With over 42,000 NM logged under sail and a professional sailing Instructor for the past 16 years, I have had the privilege to introduce sailing and certify more than 1650 students on cruising keelboats 24-52 feet and cruising catamarans 38-48 feet. My lesson plans use proven teaching methods that assist my students in acquiring sailing knowledge, sail planning, navigation, marine weather, operational vigilance and boat-handling for all conditions.  My favourite C&L destinations are BC's West Coast including Howe Sound, Gulf Islands and Desolation Sound. I also enjoy Instructing Cruise & Learn adventures in Greece, British Virgin Islands (BVI), the Grenadines, Antigua and the Turks & Caicos Islands- 65 weeks in the past 12 years. I am an Instructor for the VSC Heavy Weather Adventure, NauticED Qualified Crew, Coastal Skipper, Bareboat Charter Master and Captain Rank Certifications. In 2017 I sailed the Caribbean & Ionia seas  and earned RYA Yachtmaster Cruising Instructor Certification on the Solent, UK and Halifax, NS. 2018 will take my instruction programs to Shanghai China, North and Central coastal BC, the Grenadines, BVI and Texas.


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