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Provides internationally recognized NauticEd Bareboat Chartering qualifications for 30 - 55 foot sailboats sailing by day in coastal waters. Recommended sailing knowledge, seamanship and boat-handling skills for sailing yacht owners cruising in the tidal waters of the  Pacific Northwest and internationally. Provides three (3) days LOG Book credit for Master+Crew 


VSC203 Day Skipper Certification or CYA Day Skipper, ISPA Day Skipper ASA103 or Test Out

Course includes:

NauticEd eLearning modules Pre-course Study:

VSC On-the- Water Sailing Sessions

  • Check-out and Check-in
  • international safety equipment requirements
  • Under power boat-handling skills in crowded harbors
  • Advanced sail trim including sail controls for optimizing points-of-sail and heel in light moderate and heavy weather conditions
  • Sailboat systems knowledge & troubleshooting
  • Clearing Customs & Immigration, documentation and procedures
  • Docking, anchoring and mooring under sail and power
  • Beneteau First 36.7, Jeanneau 44i , 39-44ft Leopard and Lagoon catamaran sailing yachts are available
  • Maximum 5 students per class monohull, Maximum 6 per class for Catamaran
  • Fresh linens, sleeping bag, towels and comforts package
  • All healthy meals and snacks aboard
  • Use of 8hp RIB Dinghy and 2 kayaks included with Desolation Sound and Gulf Islands C&L



"A quick note to update you on what's going on.  I am currently in Cabo San Lucas. We just sailed down the Baja of California over the last 2 weeks in the rally called the "Baja Haha" put on by the sailing magazine Latitude 38. Today we leave for Puerto Vallarta and then I will be continuing on down the coast on a different vessel to Panama returning in the late spring! Just wanted to say thank you and the VSC for the great sailing and lessons that made this dream a reality! "

- Alan Musson, Vancouver, NauticEd Bareboat Charter Master Certified "


 "Carl was a fantastic (VSC) instructor for the entirety of my 7 days sailing with him. He made sure to allow me to put my skills to practice with minimal intervention, unless it was required. His instructional methods are very well developed and leaves a student with a great deal of confidence. He is very approachable, and entirely professional. I would recommend Carl for anyone who is interested in learning to sail, or those who simply want to improve their skills with an experienced sailor."

- LCdr. Derek Walter, Winnepeg, VSC204 NauticED Bareboat Charter Master  Certified


Course Availability: 

February to November

3-day weekend course Vancouver/ Howe Sound based $875

March to November

7- day Cruise & Learn- choose date for Cruise & Learn - Gulf Islands or Cruise & Learn - Desolation Sound - $1675

November to April

7 or 14 days Cruise & Learn Fee - choose date for Cruise & Learn - BVI, Antigua, Turks & Caicos, Grenadines, Vancouver Island circumnavigation - $1975/ $3775

Learning to sail at the VSC is rewarding:

  • CONFIDENT, RESPONSIBLE and PREPARED is our mutual goal- focus is on competence and safety in the context of  F U N and adventure
  • RECOGNITION - NauticED.org Certifications are respected qualifications for Bareboat Chartering and Yacht Insurance Companies worldwide
  • CONVENIENCE - progress at your own pace - each course includes a NauticED eLearning pre-course study and Vancouver Sailing Club's flexible year-round sailing schedule from our Vancouver, BC, docks and the British Virgin Islands (BVI)

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