VSC203 Day Skipper


Foundation sailing knowledge, seamanship, boat handling skills for coastal cruising during daylight hours within sight of land. Certification provides what you need to qualify for Charter, rental or ownership of 26-45 foot sailboats and personal yacht insurance discounts.


VSC101 Qualified Crew, RYA Competent Crew, ISPA Crew, SailCANADA (CYA) Keelboat Crew

" I had my Day Skipper training from Carl Richardson. I have to say I had amazing time, learned so much and got much more confident in my sailing. He is excellent in every aspect of sailing, theory and practice. He is incredible as a teacher as well, very fair, helpful and patient all the way. I highly recommend Vancouver Sailing Club and Carl."

- Arda Uyral, Vancouver,  VSC203 Coastal Day Skipper

Course includes:

NauticEd Pre-course Study included:

  • Weather and Sea Conditions
  • Electrical and Mechanical Systems
  • Rigging
  • Nautical Rules of the Road
  • Maneuvering with auxillary deisel engine
  • More sail trim techniques- reefing, adjustments to traveller & jib sheet cars and putting twist in the leach 
  • VHF Communications
  • Navigation Introduction
  • Anchoring and Mooring
  • Coping with Emergencies

On-the-water Practical includes:

  • Three (3)days aboard Beneteau First 36.7 Cruiser-Racer with VSC Certified Instructor
  • Interpret local and Regional Weather forecasts
  • Develop sailing Float Plan with Local Knowledge, Tide & Current Tables, Aids to Navigation and Charts
  • VHF Radio emergency communications
  • Anchoring, docking and mooring demonstrations and practice
  • Maneuvering Under Power Clinic
  • Identification of Aids to Navigation
  • Man Overboard Recovery and emergency procedures
  • CCG & USCC Regulations and safety equipment Check-Out


Learning to sail at the VSC is rewarding:

  • CONFIDENT, RESPONSIBLE and PREPARED is our mutual goal- focus is on competence and safety in the context of  F U N and adventure
  • RECOGNITION - NauticED.org Certifications are respected qualifications for Bareboat Yacht Chartering and Yacht Insurance Companies worldwide
  • CONVENIENCE - progress at your own pace - each course includes a NauticED eLearning pre-course study and Vancouver Sailing Club's flexible year-round sailing schedule

Course Fees:

  • $725+GST for weekend course
  • You may also consider taking this courses as one of the two courses taken during a 7-day Cruise & Learn Adventure to Gulf IslandsDesolation SoundBritish Virgin Islands, Corfu, Greece ( Sept. 2017) or the Caribbean Grenadines Islands (January 2018)  
  • optional VHF Radio ROCM- $165
  • optional Pleasure Craft Operators Permit - $75
  • optional 4Hr Afternoon Sail bareboat rental J24 sailboat $195-  5-Pack $750

VSC203 Day Skipper Cruising Certification Standard

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