VSC is an active sailing club with a practical program in crew training, regular practices, Distance and Regatta racing.

All of these activities are structured to create an environment where crew develop as competent speed contributing members of a team on keelboats from 24-45 feet . All members learn the roles and responsibilities of the 7 crew positions (Foredeck, Mastman, Pit, Cockpit Trimmer 1, Cockpit Trimmer 2, Mainsail Trimmer and Helm.

Each student selects a primary and secondary position to specialize in during races and understands the seamanship and teamwork required to move the boat efficiently at the START, Upwind Leg, Windward Mark, Downwind Mark, Leeward Mark and FINISH line.

All of the above is delivered by our 10 session VSC504 Competent Keelboat Racing Crew Course. The race venues are English Bay, Howe Sound, the Straits of Georgia, gulf Islans and Deep Cove. Additional clinics in Advanced Downwind and Advanced Upwind Sailing are delivered by proven race winning skippers and sailing professionals. Race Strategy and Tactics are developed with local knowledge of weather, winds, currents and geography for each of the 5 races included in the Course.

The best time to start is when you have completed at a minimum VSC101 Qualified Crew ( better would be VSC203 Day Skipper) and can participate in 10 weekend days of training within a 6 month window.

Completion of VSC504 is required to crew on our boats in the BVI Race Week (April), Vic- Maui (June), Antigua Race Week (March) and VanIsle 360 (June) races.

Racing is fun, challenging and rewarding. Call Carl Richardson (604) 805-9944 if you would like to learn more or enrol in the VSC504 program.
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