Heavy Weather Demands Boat and Crew Preparation


1. Reduce sail to the appropriate sail plan early at Force 4
2. Make storm sails ready
3. Secure all deck gear
4. Fill fuel tanks from jerry jugs if necessary
5. Secure companionway slides and hatch closed and sealed from the deck.
6. There should also be a mechanism ready to secure the hatch from below.
7. Secure hatches and ports.
8. Clip on harness/tethers at all times while on deck, wear PFD, overboard alarm, personal strobe light, whistle.
9. Lee cloths attached 
10. All latches are secured below decks to prevent gear from getting lost or damaged
11. Passageways cleared.
12. Prepare warm drinks in thermoses, prepare a warm meal
13. Obtain position fix, communicate position and situation to land base(s).
14. Charge batteries with engine or genset.
15. Store  bimini and secure all loose objects on the decks.
16. Ensure furled genoa cannot deploy with sail ties or remove it from forestay
17 Review and determine storm tactics
18. Begin heavy weather watch schedule.
19. Close through-hulls and seacocks
20. Perform and Log daily routine maintenance and monitoring protocol


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